Milwaukee 14

"The Milwaukee 14" partook in an act of civil disobedience against the war in Vietnam and the draft, led primarily by Catholic pacifists, in which over 10,000 draft files from the Selective Service Center in Milwaukee were burned with homemade napalm.

Fr. Nicholas Riddle being forced from St. John's Cathedral after he attempted to            read a statement against the war in Vietnam at the church. He and 7 others were arrested        and charged with disorderly conduct, posting bail of $250 each, ca. September 22, 1968 The Selective Service System office in Milwaukee -- located on the second floor of the Brumder Building (now Germania Building) at the intersection of Wells, Plankinton, and North Second Streets -- held the records of nine local draft boards. In a carefully planned campaign, the Fourteen began with a diversionary move on Sunday Sept. 22, when a graduate student, Nicholas Riddell, led a mass take-over of St. John Cathedral during mass, eliciting a massive response that overwhelmed police resources. The raid on the Selective Service office on Sept. 24 took place without police being aware, and the records were hauled to a nearby square and burned near a war veterans' memorial with homemade napalm.

Photographs of the Milwaukee 14 (click to see more)

Search on the way to paddy wagons: Image of police officer frisking Jon Higgenbotham, member of the Milwaukee 14: , ca. September 24, 1968

Video footage of the Milwaukee 14

Image result for free icons movie  Demonstrators lead the news crew to a fiew of burning draft records

  Footage of protesters being arrested

Try pairing the photographs with 2:27-3:43 of the "Demonstrators..." video. How do the photographs and video coverage of this event inform each other, and give you more information?