UMass campus

Geodesic dome at the Southwest Residential Area: part of Free University City, ca. 1969UMass was transformed during the long-60s, with numerous new buildings and a continued and strengthening of student activism for structural and social changes on campus.

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A UMass campus timeline also covers some of the buildings and changes during these years.


An example of a building with significant history during this period is Mills House:

Information on Mills House (New Africa House) at UMass

New Africa House - formerly known as Mills House, undated

The site of several racially charged incidents on campus, including student occupation, marches, and demands to administration, which helped lead to New Africa House as a Black student cultural space, and the creation of the Afro-Am department at UMass.



For additional campus architectural history, visit SCUA on the 25th floor of the Du Bois Library to view the University Records of the Physical Plant.