University of Massachusetts Amherst

Through The Photographer's Eyes: The Diana Mara Henry Collection (20th Century Photographer)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Henry's first job after college was as a researcher for the NBC News documentary, "From Here to the Seventies"; she was later hired as a general assignment reporter for the Staten Island Advance, a Newhouse newspaper. Her first Sunday feature assignment, to interview Vietnam veteran Ed Murphy, stretched into a three-article series. Thus began more than a decade of journalism about the veterans of that tragic war and a lifelong friendship with Ed. On display are photographs she took at the Memorial Day weekend action in Lexington and Concord followed by a rally on Boston Common in 1971.

In 1981, she photographed the hunger strike at the VA hospital in Westwood, California, capturing images of many veterans including Ron Kovic, author of Born on the Fourth of July. He later wrote to her in thanks for her work: "Your photos are beautiful and represent such a powerful and passionate time in American history. I believe these photos will last and many years from now they will be looked at and studied just as Mathew Brady's classic and haunting Civil war photos are today….Thank you for being a part of history."