University of Massachusetts Amherst

Through The Photographer's Eyes: The Diana Mara Henry Collection (20th Century Photographer)

NYC Politics

Diana Mara Henry's first paid assignment was in 1972 where she photographed Liz Holtzman during the primary campaign. To this day, Holtzman credits the photograph Henry took on the Brooklyn Bridge for her victory. Henry's first photograph of Bella Abzug was taken that same year and made into posters and this flyer, beginning a mutually rewarding relationship that lasted the entirety of Abzug’s political career.

Once begun, Henry continued to capture the NYC political scene. She photographed Allard Lowenstein’s 1972 Congressional campaign (pictured here with Congressman Herman Badillo who is campaigning for him); attorney William Kunstler in front of Marxist tracts across from his home on Gay Street; union and ERA demonstrations at the time of the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden. She captured Helen Caldicott presenting her book, Nuclear Madness, at a symposium at Mt. Sinai Hospital, with Dr. Thomas Chalmers, its President, by her side. One of her photos accompanied the article “Where  Feminism Will Lead,” by Lucy Komisar published in Civil Rights Digest.

During a 1974 demonstration at the New York Times, Henry photographed protestors objecting to the paper’s refusal to use the courtesy title "Ms." when requested. In addition to images that capture the event, Henry collected press releases from Majority Report as well as other materials that document the protest effort.